This site, brought to you by the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s (IPAA) International Committee, is part of a broader outreach campaign dedicated to educating the public and institutions alike on the facts about fossil fuel divestment.

“[T]he costs to investors of fossil fuel divestiture are highly likely and substantial, while the potential benefits – to the extent there are any – are ill-defined and uncertain at best.”
Professor Fischel, University of Chicago Law School

Experts across the UK are concluding that divestment is a misguided approach to addressing the effects of climate change, and could instead put into question the long-term financial well-being of institutions and pensioners alike – all while having no tangible impact on the companies targeted by this movement.

Whether through its successful divestment educational campaign in the US, the Oil & Gas Investment Symposium held in London or various other programs, IPAA is proud to serve as a bridge that connects its members to the capital markets and investment communities in crucial international markets. Check out the facts and What They’re Saying pages and make sure to follow DivestmentFacts.co.uk on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.