The Real Cost of Fossil Fuel Divestment

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Leading decision makers oppose divestment – in their own words:

February 4, 2016

Since the writing of the original post, an official ‘launch’ of the Oxbridge joint statement took place in London, where Lord Deben made some very key clarifications about his position on fossil fuel divestment following misreporting by The Independent. As we uncovered in our post, the statements do not call for blanket divestment from fossil …

February 3, 2016

In the lead up to Cambridge University’s divestment ruling expected in May, and with a £5 billion endowment at stake, it comes as no surprise that the pro-divestment camp is attempting to claim a premature win with one of the UK’s most prominent institutions. This week, the self-proclaimed “broad based coalition,” Positive Investment Cambridge (PIC), …

January 27, 2016

Since the fossil fuel movement began in earnest in early 2015, pro-divestment activists have fervently compared their withholding support for fossil fuel stocks to famous boycotts in history – from the Montgomery Bus Boycott during the US civil rights movement to the global boycott of companies with interests in South Africa during Apartheid. Such campaigns …

December 3, 2015

In one of 200 side events taking place at COP21, pro-divestment crusaders 350.org announced on Wednesday that institutions representing $3.4 trillion in assets have “made some form of divestment commitment” to date — 68 times more than was claimed 14 months ago. Journalists around the world swooned at the figure – it made for an …

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